October, 1999

For 10/29/99 Friday$ (MTD profit: 215-245 pts; loss: 20-25 pts.)

Also valid for globex, trading range 1358 - 1341, stop 1359.50, sell at globex @1357-58, take 1/2 profit 1346.50 and 2/2 @1343 Since the main trend is still up, you can not risk more than 1.5 pts for this scalping.Wait until it hits 1358, sell only if there is no follow thru. Long term, buying bias, re-entry around @1340, target 137x and 140x , [Gap up opened, with stop 1380, we only sold at above 1378 one minute before it plunged to 1366 area, took 1/2 profit @1374, took 2/2 profit @1367.]

PS: On 10/20/99 we mentioned our long-term prospect; it was writen as following: Swings for 2 weeks, test low before next job report; then rally into next FOMC, target 134x - 135x; anyone wants to establish a long term long position, better wait until 10/27/99 - 10/28/99, potential profit before Thanksgiving 250-350 points. $$ We did call this big rally but its low testing was not as low as our expected 124x-125x; it only tested 127x area at globex and did the most of rally at globex with opening gap up for last 2 days; we did not have a good entry. The only 2 days that we have missed for October. There is always another train. MTD profit: 200-230 pts; loss: 18-24 pts.

For 10/28/99 Thursday [due to the news, gap up open]

Stay side line at globex. Since low testing is still valid in 2 days, it should not break out this time. If 1308.50 can not be violated at Globex, it would go back to test 1288-90. It would be selling bias. If it can not break 1308.5 two hrs after open, watch out for final hour sell-off (target 1288-1290). If 1308.5 broken,  target 1333-34.

For 10/27/99 Wednesday [daily break-even]

Down trend is not over yet. Trading range 1276-96. If open above 1287, sell for 8-10 pts; if open gap down, let it settle down and ready to buy bounce. Since the final leg down target is on friday. there will be a bounce day in next 3 days. Exact stop and entry level will be available in WarRoom. [Since it had opened gap up 10 pts, we short from 1291-92 with 1292.5 stop, took 1.5 profit; short again 1294.5 - 1295 with 1296.5 stop, took 1/2 profit @1291-92, 2/2 breakeven; short again 1295 with 1297 stop. Stopped out.] 

For 10/26/99 Tuesday $$

DMD update after open: whipsaw.  Cancel ---> Stop 1305.10, selling bias, target 1288-1285. Down side is not over. If you want to establish a long position, just be patient for another couple of days. Exact stop level for selling might be fine turned after open.

For 10/25/99 Monday $$

Stop 1311, selling bias, target 1280-84. Again, watch out for final hour reversal to up side for target 1295-1300. Opening gap down is likely.DMD moring update: no more target 1280-84, reversal target 1312 testing andtarget closing 1301-02 and dont get trapped at 1306-07.  [We covered short @open, re-entered 1304, covered 1301 and 1296; re-entered 1298, stopped out 1299-1300; flat and market did close at 1301.3]

For 10/22/99 Friday $$$

Stop 1292, buying bias, target 1311 before weekend. If it opens at 1297-30, market should be testing 92 and reverse to 1306-1311 in 3 hours. Again, watch out for final hour reversal to down side for target 1280 area before end of monday if not before end of Friday. [ Long side, took profit @1306 and 1399; we short from 1311 with 1312 stop, took 1/2 profit @1307-8 and did some short side scalpping between 1311-1318; 2/2 stopped out 1312.50, took 1.50 loss. Final hour, BA, short from 1316,17,18, covered 2/3 @1305-6; keep 1/3 over weekend.]

For 10/21/99 Thursday $$$

At globex, it has plunged to 1284. Not much left for SA who has to wait until open for secondary entry of short. Trading range still 1295-1265. Should be a down day with a "possible" final hour reversal to upside. Selling bias, but just be careful; if it opens above 1287, it could spike to 95 then plunge for target testing 1265. (* Swings = 1265-1295, profit potential: over 250-300 pts before Thanksgiving.) [We short 1299.5 (not filled) and 1295, 1291 from yesterday, covered 1285, 80 and 78 at open, re-entered short from 1283-84 again, covered 1273.50; reversing buy orders 1274, 72, 70, 68, only got 1274 filled, took 1/2 profit @1286, and 1292. Flat]

For 10/20/99 Wednesday $$$

For Wednesday: trading range 1265-1295. buying bias topping area is 1300. (Original bulletin includes a long term market prospect which will not posted here.)

For 10/19/99Tuesday $$

(1) Without CPI scenario: Stop 1257, buying bias, minmum target 1290 and maxmum target 1310 before weekend ! One condition: Dow 10k must hold for 2 days. (2) BUT, if 1266.8 can not beviolated after a good CPI, market will keep going down to 122x target.

For 10/18/99 Monday $

Tranding range: around 1260 - 1240-36, day trade stop 1261, selling bias, target 1240-1236; position trade stop 1262, target 1227. If you are already short, place a limit order covering @1247.75 and re-enter short at opening and see if a bounce is feasible. [We sold in the moring and covered at 1347, but did not reverse to long due to tomorrow's CPI; side line for CPI]

For 10/15/99 Friday $$$

[10/14/99, 14:00] Without PPI scenario: Stop 1286,  target 1299 testing. Trading range 1286-1299. If 1300 holds well, reverse to short for 1273 target before end of Monday. [23:00] update: Globex plunged from 1290 to 1266 and has covered all of the range. Even a bounce from 1266 to 1288 would be covered before opening.It seemed that both of our plan to sell from 1300 and to buy from 126x. had been ruined by Globex. ) Next down side target: 1245, 1177.

For 10/14/99 Thursday $$

Trading range, 1302.50-1273.50, market could hit 1302.5 at Globex and  before open. At globex, stop 1303, selling bias (1301.50-1302.50), target 1273-75 in 3 hours after open. potential reversal @1273 for target 1300.

For 10/13/99 Wednesday $

At gobex, it plunged to 1315 which is our expected range (1330-1316) in the morning. It has been covered. If open at 1324-26, sellin bias for 60-90 mins and see if reversal is feasible. Next target 1306. [For room, sold 1319.50 with 1320.50 stop, almost made it; stop hit, took 1.5 loss. We tried some buying, went to no where; sold @1311-2 again, took 1/2 profit @1306-7 and 2/2 @1305.]

For 10/12/99 Tuesday $

Trading range 1335-1360, should test low before reversing to long.Stop 1333, buying bias, target 1360 before the close. Stops for scalping will be avaliable after open. DMD afternoon update: 1333 stop, selling bias target 1322 before 12:30. [We short from yesterday @1347.50, and covered @ 1341 and 1336; sold again 33 and covered 30; stop 1328.50, reversed to long @1329.50 and 1332, covered 1333.5 and 1331 violation; reversed to short, missed 1331, short from 1327-28, coverd at 1324 and 1322.50.].

For 10/11/99 Monday $

Sunday globex trading range 1343-1348. If it opens at the lower end of the globex range, be careful, it could fall to 1326-8 in 2 days and make the final leg up to 136x. If 1350 can not be violated within 4 hours, it would be selling bias for 1326-28 target.[A choppy day.]

For 10/08/99 Friday $$$$ (MTD profit: 60+ points, loss 5pts. For this month... should be over  100-200 pts again.)

Thursday, 11:50PM DMD: Without job # situation, market should take out thursday low by a little bit (1321-20) then reverse to long for testing 40 again.

6:25AM update: 20-40 and 50 has been covered. Still buying bias, target 1340 in 2-3 hours, and 48 in 3-4 hours or before close. [Our target 1320 got hit perfectly overnight. Due to system break-down, member missed selling at open; we entered the long at 1326-27 and 1331-32, took profit @1340 and 1346.}

For 10/07/99 Thursday $$$ (Month to date profit: 35-45points, loss 5 points.)

Main trend up is unchanged, but it should be profit taking day for 20-25 points. After profit taking sell off, should reverse to long for 1367-1372 before next friday. Stop and target will be available after opening.Stop day hi, selling bias, target 132x..[We sold above 1338.00 with 1339.5 stop, took 1/2 profit @1333, took some profit @1327, took some profit @1325; reversed to long 1326, took profit @1330. If not for server problem, members should have made 25-30 points today.]

For 10/06/99 Wednesday $

[06:27:54] <sp99z> DMD update: 1335-1340 is still valid and should be hit tomorrow morning. This morning, after testing 20 then 1314-1308, then ready to reverse to long afternoon. [We made some short and did not make too much profit; did not get a good stop level for entering long; missed this1327 entry due to data feed break-down.]

For 10/05/99 Tuesday $

Stop 1307-08 buying bias, target 1330 and 1339;  but before FOMC announcement, it should test 1309.50 area. Don't be too aggressive; this trend is not strong as exptected. [We exit most of our long at 1325 before FOMC announcement, took 3 pts loss on partial long from 1331.50]

For 10/04/99 Monday$$

Globex, stop 1291.50, buying bias, target 1306 before open; but ...if this 1300.50 can not be violated, it would PB to test 87-88 only. Target 1336-9 unchanged after FOMC. (If there is no rate hike.) [We bought at open 1301 and sold 1309.50, re-entered @1307.50}

For 10/01/99 Friday $$$

Stop 1294, buying bias, target 1307. At globex, if it stalls at 1301, we might try to reverse to short. We don't rule out any possibility that it might spike to 126x to test low one last time. [We were in selling bias after open, made not too much profit; reversed to long and was expecting rally to 1299, but rally came 50 mins late; did not enter until 1289 and 1291 and took profit at 1296.

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