February, 2000

For 02/29/2000 Tuesday (Main Trend: UP )$$$

As we mentioned before Monday's close, at globex, stop 1345-6, buying bias, for 8-10 pts rally. If it can not hit 1357-9 at globex and it opens at 1351-2; market could rally top 1357-9 before a little profit taking sell-off. Once the target gets hit, ready to reverse to long for continuation of the rally -- most likely after 10:00-11:00.

For 02/28/2000 Monday (Main Trend: Dow - Turning up )$$$

Market could rally to 1348-9 at globex and plunge at open and  test 1336. If it opens gap up above 1345, try stop 1349.70, selling bias for one more time, target 1336 before 8:30. If SP can not take out 1344 at Globex, it should be choppy and weak for Monday.

For 02/25/2000 Friday (Main Trend: Final stage of short-term correction )$$$$$

Updated after GDP, GDP is stronger than expected. Market should have a profit taking sell off at open. Stop 1361, try selling bias at open for 41-46 target. 

DMD 9:00am update: stop 61, selling bias, target 1341. DMD12:00 update: stop 1349, selling bias, take 1/2 profit at 1340-42, low 1336 will be taken out; reverse at 1332 for 1338-41 close

For 02/24/2000 Thursday (Main Trend: Final stage of short-term correction )$$$$$

Dow should plunge big time to below 10,000 on Thursday. At gobex, try 1363.80 stop, scalp buying, target 1369.50. If it opens gap up @1374, stop 1377, selling bias, for at least 10 pts profit.  At open, stop 1370, sell @1367-9, target 1352 within 2 hours. Afternoon: stop 1348-9 stop, selling bias, sell @1347, target 1340.  Stop 1344.20, selling bias, target 1 tick above limit down. Market should reverse within 4 hours after 11:30.

For 02/23/2000 Wednesday (Main Trend: Final stage of short-term correction )$$

Before 5:00PM PST, if 1346 holds at globex, buying bias, Once target gets hit, get ready to reverse to short (selling bias). If it opens flat at open.

For 02/22/2000 Tuesday (Main Trend: Final stage of short-term correction )$$

Dow Jones looks like not low enough. Dow is going to make the final plunge in next 3-4 days. Friday's Nasdaq close was a key reversal. So, it is still risky to take long term long position aggressively. In next 3-4 days, there could be a one-day bounce, but, Dow's plunge to below 10000 is still valid. In next 3-4 days, two scenarios: (1) consolidate at Friday's bottom area and reverse, (2) keep plunging and reverse on weekend. Keep in mind: Friday's Nasdaq close was a key reversal otherwise Friday's low and this Tuesday's bounce could be the 1st leg of double bottom (very likely.)

For 02/18/2000 Friday (Main Trend: Giving up up-swing setup; more down side for dow )$$

On Thursday, we gave market one last chance for rallying and market failed. We exited our long position at around 11:00PM PST breakeven. Dow Jones looks like not low enough. In next 3-4 days, Dow is going to make the final plunge to as low as 9800. There won't be any rally in next 3-4 days with 1 possible sideway day.  (DMD update at open: This open is in the middle; otherwise, stop 1393, selling bias, target 1372, 1348-50. 10:40PM update, stop 1372.20, selling bias, target 1362. 1:40PM update, stop 1362.70, selling bias, target 1 pt above limit down.)

For 02/17/2000 Thursday (Main Trend: Reversing to up-swing. )$

At globex, it should test 1398. For day session: Trading range 1309-1401 within 3 hours after the open. If PPI report is neutral and the opening is not a gap down,  it should be buying bias at 1390 for 1400 (or 1410) target then reverse to short for 1395 testing at 10:00-11:00, then reverse to buy side for 1410 close. (DMD update at open: stop 1403.5-04, selling bias, target testing 1490-89.)

For 02/16/2000 Wednesday (Main Trend: Reversing to up-swing. )$

Wild card target, 1390. Support 1401 could be tested within 2 hours after the opening. Even though 1401 could be tested, it is risky to sell short. For secondary entry, stop 1400, buying bias, target 1426.  Stop for Globex, 1406, buying bias, target 1416 (or 1426). Exact stop for day session will be available after the opening. (DMD update at open: Dow should be down 100-120, 150 pts today; should be a down day; but ND is holding, otherwise a good selling bias and day high should be in already. SA - side line and wait for PPI.)

For 02/15/2000 Tuesday (Main Trend: Down-swing, ready to reverse for up-swing ) $$$$

Globex stop 1394.20, buying bias for gap up open. (Just risk 0.50-0.80 and don't insist..) at globex, cuz, it is a selling bias after gap up open.) Although it might gap up open, market should drop after open like Monday. Selling bias. Trading range 1404-1394. If there is not support at range low, market should close at 138x (the low).

For 02/14/2000 Monday (Main Trend: down-swing ) $

1340-50 is valid before 02/16 Wednesday noon. Stop 1404.50, Selling bias at open, target 1388 testing then reverse.

For 02/11/2000 Friday (Main Trend: down-swing ) $$$$

Selling at open

For 02/10/2000 Thursday (Main Trend: Mixed ) $$$$

1415 should hold for globex (before the open) followed by a bounce for a gap up open. Globex, stop 1414.50, buying bias, target gap up opent; then reverse back to short. After 1409-10 bottom, reverse to long.

For 02/09/2000 Wednesday (Main Trend:  this up-swing should be over soon. ) $$$$

 If market stays at the same level at 1448-9 (or below 53) before the opening, it should be for selling bias at open, target 1433-30, daily close 1434-6. We are expecting for a big down day on Wednesday. DMD 11:00 update, stop 1435-6, selling bias target 1422. DMD 12:40 update, stop 1426, selling bias, target 1415 at globex.

For 02/08/2000 Tuesday (Main Trend:  this up-swing should be over soon. ) $$$

At globex, try stop 1425, buying bias, target 1338-39. (or opening gap up)

For 02/07/2000 Monday (Main Trend:  this up-swing should be over soon. ) $$$

Stop 1420.50, buying bias, target 1337 first then 1447-9 testing and close at 1442 area. If this 1447 testing fails and closing above 1442 fails, topping should be confirmed and this week sould be a down week. Update after open: Stop 1433, selling bias, target 1420-19; day trading, stop 1419-20, buying bias, target for gap up open @1435-7.

For 02/04/2000 Friday (Main Trend:  Swings up ) $$$

Update after open: Stop 1344-45, selling bias, target 37 first. Afternoon update: Stop 1345, selling bias, target 1430-28, and close should be at low.

For 02/03/2000 Thursday (Main Trend:  Swings up ) $$$

This short term rally is not over yet, but Wednesday's reversal triggered the possibility of a PB to 1403 (spike 1388, less likely). If it opens gap up at 23-24, a profit taking sell off then tests 1429 and if it fails to take out 1429.50, then 1429.5 stop, selling bias, target test globex low. On Wednesday 1428-32 target got hit and market reversed. Watch out, market could plunge to 1400 (spike 1388, less likely) again and reverse back up for 1448 target .

For 02/02/2000 Wednesday (Main Trend:  Swings up ) $$$

Should be a day for profit-taking sell-off after open (target 1406-1408.50) and reversing back up to test high 1 hour before FOMC announcement.  After rate hike announcement, market should plunge to test morning's low which could be a good opportunity to re-enter the long for more up-swing rally before weekend.  The target for a profit-taking sell-off after open is 1406-08; then reverse to long. Exactly stop levels will be available after open.

For 02/01/2000 Tuesday (Main Trend:  Swings up) $$

Target for this leg up is 1428-32. Trading range for the rest of the week, Without FOMC scenario,  stop 1397.30, buying bias (including globex), target 1408-11 or  1418-21 (most likely); then see if it is feasible to reverse to short side for scalping.

For 01/31/2000 Monday (Main Trend:  Swings up ) $$

25-30 points trading range for bottom, carefully buy bottom for bounce, from 1355-1362, target 1385-90; then reverse to short for 1355-62 target before Wednesday noon. Stop is around 1357.40 for buying bias. For sell side, the only less risky level is 1385-90.

Due to the strong GDP, market skipped the 1438 target and plunged. Monday-Wednesday will be for a trading range of 1385-90 bounce target and 1360-55 testing. If this bottom holds, market should creep back to 1438-42 -- the missing number due to the strong GDP, before 02/10/2000.  

For 01/28/2000 Friday (Main Trend:  Swings )

If a rally fails again on Friday, then there might not be any big move before FOMC and month-end could close down. (most likely 1410-12 for monthly close.) Update after GDP: GDP # is stronger than expected, market plunged to 1380 in just 45 seconds. Side line now. This 1396 is the pivot.

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