November 2000

Attempt trade for 10/31/2000 Tuesday  (Main trend:  up)$$$

SP/z and Dow are ready to consolidate after testing 10/24 high (1428) and Dow testing 10950.

NQ/z is ready to rally 300 points from Monday's low.

Sp/z stop 1405, buying bias, target 1428 testing and 1437. 

Attempt trade for 10/27/2000 Friday  (Main trend:  bottoming)$$$

If sp/z opens below 1381.00, then selling bias for profit taking, target 1370.

If 1368 holds,  then reverse to buy side for target 1389; if 1389-90 broken, keep the long. 

Attempt trade for 10/26/2000 Thursday  (Main trend:  swinging for bottom)$$$

<sp/z> Stop 1384.90, selling bias, target 1362 and 1354.

Attempt trade for 10/25/2000 Wednesday  (Main trend: 40-50 pts swinging)$$$

Stop 1406.90, sell at globex (risk 1-2 pts), target 1390 (gap down open), then 1378.  [Result: Globex high 1405.50, opened at 1390, day low 1372]

Attempt trade for 10/24/2000 Tuesday  (Main trend: Turning UP)$

SP/z - The only # we have for Tuesday is 1418-1402 trading range. This 138x is still valid before Wednesday open. It should open gap down on Wednesday.

Attempt trade for 10/20/2000 Friday  (Main trend: Turning UP)$$

If Thursday's high can not be taken out and sp opens below 1397.70, watch out, sp/z can plunge to 1375 within 90 mins. Stop will be Thursday's high. 1393.6 violation would make market plunge to 1375

For up side 1414 is a resistance for a 20-25 pts PB. 

Attempt trade for 10/19/2000 Thursday  (Main trend: end of dow's down trend)$$

<sp/z> Globex sp has violated our pivot 1358, market will be bullish, target 1372 and 1382.

If it opens above 1362, stop 1357, buying bias, target 137x (minimum) and 138x and 140x. Overall market would be turning to being bullish.

Attempt trade for 10/18/2000 Wednesday  (Main trend: Swings)$$

If this 1350 does not hold, it will plunge to 1347, 1339 and 1331.50; this target 1331.50 will be hit within 2 hours after the opening. IF this 1330 holds, 30-40 pts bounce is possible.

If sp opens below 1358 (pivot), Stop 1358, selling bias, first target 1351-1347 (down side pivot 1350), then 1338 then target 1331.50;

Attempt trade for 10/17/2000 Tuesday  (Main trend: Swings)$

If sp opens below 1385.50, it will then test 1375.50 and reverse back up;  If 1375.50 is violated, it will test 1355 and spike to 1346

Attempt trade for 10/16/2000 Monday  (Main trend: swings)$

<sp/z> If it opens gap up, take profit at 1398-1402 area, then get ready to reverse to short for target 1370-1365. 

The profit taking should step in within first 60 mins. Don't be greedy with last Friday's long position.

If it opens gap up, the pull back should be 20-30 pts.

[We took profit on CRA, SCMR, PWER, HWP, QLGC at the day high.]

Attempt trade for 10/13/2000 Friday  (Main trend: Turning)$$$

First of all, Friday the 13th will have nothing to do with market! 

<sp/z> Then get ready to reverse to buy side. (Potential 40-50 pts bounce if there is a sign.) If bounce is feasible, the reversal should happen between 8:30-9:00 PST. If there is no sign of turning after 9:00 and volume is not cooperative, watch out for another down week.

Monday will be the last chance for all 3 indices to end the down trend, otherwise the big picture will be distorted.

Stop 1337, buying bias, target 1368-72, if close above 1372, down trend should be over !

Attempt trade for 10/12/2000 Thursday  (Main trend: )$$

If it opens gap up but below 1388. Stop 1388, try to scalp short side, target 1370-1365 before 7:30. (Result: today hi 1387.7)

Attempt trade for 10/11/2000 Wednesday  (Main trend: flush)$$

[sp/z] Be conservative ! Because market would flush to 1365 and spike to 1345 before 50 pts bounce. 

For Short side: stop 1406.50 now , selling bias, target 1365 (spike 1348) before this weekend.

For buy side: Market might try to bounce first 1-2 hours to test 140x. Can not find good stop for buy side so far, because sp could plunge 20 pts a day for 2 days or 40 pts in one day. 

Attempt trade for 10/10/2000 Tuesday  (Main trend: flush)$$$

Bounce failed again. After 10:30, Stop 1417.80, still selling bias, target1406.00

Attempt trade for 10/09/2000 Monday  (Main trend: Ready to turn)$$$

<SP/Z> For short side: stop 1427-8, scalp sell side for first hour, 1/2 target 1416.50. If 1414.50 broken, keep the rest of  1/2 short for 1411. [Result: We shorted from 1426 and covered at 1411.]

For buy side (bounce): stop 1410.00, buying bias, target 1431. 

Attempt trade for 10/06/2000 Friday  (Main trend: Flush down )$$$

Market bounce was not as strong as expected for last 2 days; especially dow's weakness for last couple of days... looks like it is about to flush. WATCH OUT ! If market is still reluctant to bounce in first hour of Friday, DOW/SP/NQ all three indices would plunge (final flush) into next Wednesday. (Dow down for another 250 pts, SP another 30-40 pts, NQ/z another 250 pts. Possible another down weekend ! We would get ready to go back to short if situation permits. [Result: Market was reluctant to take out previous day high 1462, we reversed to short side from 1455.]

Attempt trade for 10/05/2000 Thursday  (Main trend:  WATCH OUT ! If market is still reluctant to bounce, SP/DOW/NQ all three indices would plunge to next Wednesday. )$$$

stop 1443, buying bias, target 1462 [Result: day low 1443.50 and day high 1462.50 in the morning.]

Attempt trade for 10/04/2000 Wednesday  (Main trend: Swinging )$$$

(1) Stop 1437, buying bias, target 1462

(2) Stop 1442, buying bias, target 1462

This bounce should happen no later than 9:30, target should be hit before end of Thursday.

Attempt trade for 10/03/2000 Tuesday  (Main trend: Swinging )$$$

[SP/Z] Stop 1453, buying bias, target 1473. Spike to 1448-1438 before this Wednesday is still valid. [SP morning low 1473.50 and rallied to 1474].

Attempt trade for 10/02/2000 Monday  (Main trend: Swinging )$

Spike to 1438-28 before this Wednesday is still valid.

Attempt trade for 09/29/2000 Friday  (Main trend: Swinging )$$$

BAD SIGN: At Globex, SP opened gap down at 1472.... ready for 145x target or even lower.

If market opens gap down below 1465-4; stop 1470, selling bias, target 1455-53 (spike 1450-1448).

If it opens at around 1470, then Stop 1475-7, selling bias, target 1455-53.

Attempt trade for 09/27/2000 Wednesday  (Main trend: Swinging )$

Main trend is still down but bottom is around corner. For the rest of the week, market is more likely to swing between 1465 and 1445.  Strategy for this week will be "scalping". Don't try to over trade before weekend.

If market opens gap down, try to buy for 1.5 days bounce (at least 1465); but previous low (1438) better be tested and taken out by 1 tick first. Even market bounces there is a chance it will swing back down one more time before weekend. If it does not open gap down, wait 20-30 mins for clue; because a sell off to 1430 is possible before a bounce could start within 60-90 mins.

Attempt trade for 09/26/2000 Tuesday  (Main trend: Swinging )$$

[SP/Z] Monday's no-follow-thru already ruined the reversal up. For the rest of the week, market is more likely to swing between 1465 and 1445.  Strategy for this week will be "scalping". For short side: stop 1467, selling bias, target 1446.

Attempt trade for 09/25/2000 Monday  (Main trend: swings )$

Market will try to test 1465-4 area by profit taking sell off at open. Try to take a quick profit and buy back quickly at 1465 area with 1464-3 stop. If 1464-3 is broken, this 1455-3 will be inevitable.

Spike to 1455 is valid.


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