December 2000

Attempt trade for 12/29/2000 Friday (Main trend:  )$$$

Still buying bias. stop 1349-8,target 1359. If sp gets stalled at 1359-60 at Globex, it could close down at 1340-2 for year 2000. If 1349-8 broken, selling bias,  yearly close down at 1342, 1327. [Result: sp/u closed at 1327, our target.]

Attempt trade for 12/28/2000 Thursday (Main trend:  )$$$

<sp/h> As long as 1340-42 holds on pull back, sp would keep going up to 136x on Friday and 1370 on 1/2/2001 followed by a pull back.

Trading range 1350-1342. Buying bias. [Result: Morning high1350. low 1341. closed 1353.]

Attempt trade for 12/27/2000 Wednesday (Main trend:  )$$

Including Globex, stop 1327-8, buying bias, risk 1.5 pt, target 1346-9; then followed by a 20 pts pull back to Thursday morning. 

As long as 1322 holds on pull back, sp would keep going up to 1362 on Friday and 1370 on 1/2/2001 followed by a pull back. [Result: Morning High1351. low 1328. closed 1349.]

Attempt trade for 12/26/2000 Tuesday (Main trend:  )$$

Stop 1316.50, buying bias, target 134x; then followed by a 20 pts pull back on Wednesday.

Attempt trade for 12/22/2000 Friday (Main trend: Major Pivot 1325 now; position trade is NOT feasible. )$$

<sp/h> At Globex, if market gets stalled at 1304-5, try to short for opening unchanged at 1289. Spike to 1287 at globex before the open. After the morning open: Stop 1286, buying bias, target 1312 and 1319+ before end of next Tuesday. 

DMD update in WarRoom: target 1327, close 1317 or close at hi. [Globex pull back 1291, day high 1327.50, closed 1326.50]

Attempt trade for 12/21/2000 Thursday (Main trend: Major Pivot 1322 now; position trade is NOT feasible. )$

If market opens gap up above 1295, try to short with 1298.30 stop, for target 1277 testing.

DMD after the opening: Target 132x gap will be filled before end of next Tuesday. 

Attempt trade for 12/20/2000 Wednesday (Main trend: Major Pivot 1360 now; position trade is NOT feasible. )$

DMD at the open: target 1283 limit down, stay on short side.

Attempt trade for 12/19/2000 Tuesday (Main trend: Major Pivot 1360 now; position trade is NOT feasible. )$$$

<sp/h> Stop 1336-38, buying bias, target 1361.80 testing (gap filling) before Tuesday noon. After FOMC announcement (11:10am, Tuesday), market could plunge 10-15 pts and close at 1550 area.

11:00 DMD update: Reverse to short side after FOMC, target 1320 before end of Wednesday.

[Result: We bough RIMM, MUSE at the open and took profit at the top; after FOMC, we shorted MUSE from 127.50 and covered at 120; we bought sp january 1300 put options at 19.50 (@1353) and covered at 26-28 (@1325) about $1750-$2000 profit each on sp put options.]

Attempt trade for 12/18/2000 Monday (Main trend: Major Pivot 1360 now; position trade is NOT feasible. )$$

<sp/h> Starting from Globex, sp is likely to bounce to price in possible rate cut for target 1360 resistance. This could be the last chance... for 50-60 bounce...

Stop 1330, buying bias, target 1360 testing before Tuesday noon. If 1330 is violated at Globex, side line and wait.

Attempt trade for 12/15/2000 Friday (Main trend: 1380 major resistance. )$$

Opening will be gap down. Stop 1363, selling bias, target 1343, spike 1333. If it opens gap down, market should go up to test 1363 and reverse to 1343. 

After 1343, if market shows dead cat bounce, then it could spike to 1333-5 before a reversal (bounce) is feasible for next week.

Mid-day update: Market might bounce for short covering. If it bounces, sell at 1346-7, target 1335 and should closes at day low. [Result: Market plunged after the open and bounced after11:00 to 1347 then plunged to closed near day low 1326.]

Attempt trade for 12/14/2000 Thursday (Main trend: Major support broken.)$$

<sp/h> 142x-3x is still valid before 12/21. If Market opens gap up try to scalp short side. If market opens gap down, stop 1365 area, buying bias, target 1392. Reversal should be after 8:00. 

DMD Update at opening: This opening is not good. Too high to buy and too low to sell. Today will be a down day and expected close will be below 1366. Stop 1375-6, selling bias, target 1355. We are not in buying mood. [Result: Market plunged.]

Attempt trade for 12/13/2000 Wednesday (Main trend: Major support SP/h 1380. Up trend is not over yet... )$$

Update in WarRoom after the opening weakness: Selling bias, target 1383, 1378. [Result: Market plunged again as predicted.]

Attempt trade for 12/12/2000 Tuesday (Main trend: UP is not over yet )$$

<sp/h> Including Globex, stop 1386~4, buying bias, target 1412-3 testing. If market does not test 1412-3 before 8:30, market will be in whipsawing and pull-back mode. Pull back to 1383 (or spike 1378) is valid in 2 days. Gap filling is also valid if there is any delay of court decision. Watch out for afternoon profit taking sell off. [Result: Market opened weaker. We shorted with 1403.70 stop, target 1392 hit.]

Attempt trade for 12/11/2000 Monday  (Main trend: Swing with election courts )$$

<sp/h> The gap up opening at Sunday Globex should be 15-20 pts at 1374-1380 area  !!

For Monday, stop 1374, buying bias, target 139x and testing last Friday's high on Tuesday. [Result: day high 1413, day low 1380]

Attempt trade for 12/08/2000 Friday  (Main trend: Swing with election courts )$$$

<sp/h> Big bounce to 1387 high and closing at high is possible.

(1) At Globex only, stop 1360, buying bias, target 1371. If this globex trade does not work, try the following trade after the opening. (2) Stop 1357.90, buying bias, target 1387.

If (1) works then (2) will work; If (1) does not work, (2) "might" not work.

Attempt trade for 12/07/2000 Thursday  (Main trend: Swing with election courts )$

Aggressive traders: Try to buy at Globex with 1349 stop (risk 2 pts at most), target 1358-1362. If 1357-8 get hit at Globex, take profit. If it is a gap up open, a 20 pts spike down is likely (1380-1360).

<sp/h> If it opens gap up, wait for March 1382-4 for selling bias before 10:00. If market holds 9:00-10:00, then get ready to reverse to buy side.

Attempt trade for 12/06/2000 Wednesday  (Main trend: Swing with election courts )$

<sp/z> Trading range 1363-1383. If market opens gap down (10 pts), try to buy for target 1380~3.

Stop 1362, buying bias, target 1380-83. Watch out, sp/z could close at the low of trading range. Spike to 1355 area is valid before Wednesday mid-night. [Result: We took profit on RIMM, opening high and will buy after Thursday.]

Attempt trade for 12/05/2000 Tuesday  (Main trend:  Buy side)$$$

We are favoring buy side after Monday's quick bounce-back. Stop 1334, buying bias, target 1355, 136x and 1372. 

Attempt trade for 12/04/2000 Monday  (Main trend:  day trade only)$

With last Friday's closing above 1320, this potential up trend from last Thursday has not been completely ruined if market opens gap up more than 10 pts on Monday. Opening gap up is likely. If market can not bounce back to above 1333 quickly enough, it will test 1300 again before end of Wednesday.

<sp/z> We might consider buying at  Sunday Globex again. Stop 1320, buying bias, target 1332. If 1320 is violated, side line.

Attempt trade for 12/01/2000 Friday  (Main trend:  day trade only)$$$

<sp/z> Open gap up 10 pts is likely. We just bought 1323 area at Globex. Including Globex, 1320 stop, buying bias, target 1342 (spike 1360). After the open, changed the target to 1338. [Result: Morning low 1320, high 1338; exited all at near-top.]

Attempt trade for 11/30/2000 Thursday  (Main trend:  day trade only)$$

Major pivot will be 1333. At Globex, try to short from 1333-1334, target 1324-1320. NQ/z expected opening is 2475 area, then plunge to 2410 area and reverse back up from 2410 area. [Result: Market reversed up from NQ/z 2430; we bought sp call @1300 and bought RIMM, QLGC, ARBA,...etc.]

Attempt trade for 11/29/2000 Wednesday  (Main trend:  day trade only)$

IF sp/z opens below 1343, selling bias, target 1330-33 and watch out for bounce followed by a plunge again fro 132x. 

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