June, 2001

Attempt trade for 06/29/2001 Frisday $

<After the open> If this 1226 is holding for 30-60 mins after he opening, then stop 1225, buy side again, if 1234.50 is violated before 7:30, Thursday's high 134x will be tested again. If this 1225 is broken before 7:30 after he opening; side line for the time being. Expected close 1237-40. [Result: day hit 1245, day low 1225, close 1237.50]

Attempt trade for 06/28/2001 Thursday $

Bearish scenario: For short side, stop 1223 stop at Globex, if it is broken, exit and side line for the time being. If 1218.75 is broken at Globex, a 10+ points gap down open is likely. Bullish scenario: Aggressive traders: can try at Globex, stop 1218.75, scalp buy side for 1228+ target.... Can only risk 1 pt. Warning: For bullish scenario, this 123x testing is valid before 7:30AM (including Globex) if 1218.75 holds after mid-night. 00:30 update: 1220 did not hold after mid-night, a little bearish... Short side stop 1223. [Result: 1223 broken, market bounced to 1234 and 1244 and reversed back down, closed 1226]

Attempt trade for 06/27/2001 Wednesday $
This 1135-37 is still valid. No trade at Globex. Wait for opening.
Opening update: Trading range 1218-1228, if this 1228 is intact after the FOMC announcement (11:10am), it will become stop for selling bias, target 1207 today and 1180-90 before Thursday close. If this 1228 is broken, target will be 1235-7. Scalp buy side with 1218 stop. If broken, just side line and wait for short selling. [Result: Morning low 1219, then rallied to 1227.50, day high 1227.50, market plunged to 1214 after 0.25 rate cut announcement, closed 1219]
Attempt trade for 06/26/2001 Tuesday $
Monday's worse than expected close is leading to a possible target 1210 before 9:00 Tuesday Morning followed by a bounce attempt. Opening Update: Stop 1209, buying bias, target 1235-7 either today or tomrorow morning.
Attempt trade for 06/25/2001 Monday $
Stop 1238.75-1239.00, short side, first target 1225-7
Moday afternoon to Tuesday, market should bounce for a setup of plunge on Wednesday; so better not be aggressive on short side Monday afternoon. Afternoon Update: Stop 1220.25, buying bias, 1/2 profit taking 1224.50, 2/2 profit taking at target 1228-30 testing. Expected close above 1225/1227. [Result: Day high 1240, day low 1220.75, closed 1223.50]
Attempt trade for 06/22/2001 Friday $
If market opens gap up, try to scalp short side. If it opens gap down, wait and see. At Globex support is 1238.50 (like yesterday's globex 1226.50. For bearish day scenario: stop is 1247.25 area, target 1232-3 testing. Opening Update: Stop 1242, selling bias, target 1233-2. Expected low 1228.50, expected close 1233.50 or 1235.50. [Result: Day high 1242, day low 1228, close 1235.50]
Attempt trade for 06/21/2001 Thursday $

As commented before close: Glopbex stop 1226.50-1226.75, buying bias, target 1239-1240. As long as this stop level is violated, stay side line.

00:35AM - If sp did not open at Wednesday high and if Wednesday's day high is intact before the opening, watch out, market is still in trading range for swinging.

Attempt trade for 06/20/2001 Wednesday $
Still selling bias: Stop 1227, selling bias, target 1208. Market should plunge first within one hour after the opening and reverse. so watch out for short covering 2 hours after the opening. (Trading range 15-20 points.); trading range either 1210-1226 or 1215-1231. [Result: Globex high 1224, low 1216, and market reversed after 2 hours, closed 1230 areea]
Attempt trade for 06/19/2001 Tueday

7:12 update - Stop 1225-6, for buy side, target 1245. If 1225 is broken, stay side line. Can only risk 1 pt at 1225-6 stop area.

If 1225 is Broken... market is reversing down for 1215 testing; 119x is valid.

Attempt trade for 06/18/2001 Monday $

Bullish scenario: Stop 1219, scalp buy side. (1/2) target 1218, (2/2) target 1245-51. Bearish scenario: (Stop 1229 for short side) If this 1229 is intact between 9:00-9:30, market should turn bearish again; OR if 1219 is violated, watch out, market could plunge 2-3 days in a row (flush). Opening update: Trading range 1229 -1219, sell high buy low, buy low sell high.

Attempt trade for 06/15/2001 Friday $

Target 1220 achieved on Thursday, but short side may not be over yet.... Short side stop/pivot is 1233. If it opened below this level try to short one more time within first hour, for target 1217-15. Bounce or not for Friday, let's see how it would behave after CPI. [Result: Globex high 1229, plunged to 1216, day low 1211 and reversed 1226 close.]

Attempt trade for 06/14/2001 Thursday $

Main trend: If 1267 is intact at Friday opening, weekend target will be 1240-1238 and following week will be bad too. Target 1220 on Monday, the earliest.

Tuesday's low will be tested, should be taken out by a couple of points before reversing again. Stop 1243, ready reverse to buy side, target 1253-55+.

Update after opening: Side line after 1243 violation. Update after 11:00: stop 1240, selling bias for globex also, target 1222. [Result: Open 1245.50, buy side stopped out at 1243, afternoon selling bias with 1240 stop, target 1222 achieved.]

Attempt trade for 06/13/2001 Wednesday $

Pull back is for testing 1258-61. Aggressive trade: Dont wait until open! At Globex, Stop 1256.50, buying bias, target 1283-5. Most likely it will open gap up above 1268, even 1270. If it does not open gap up, the above trade may happen on Thursday. Bottom line: Stop 1256.50 area, buying bias. Opening Update: the open 1265.50 was not as strong as expected, no more buying. 1256.50 violation will reverse market down.

Attempt trade for 06/12/2001 Tuesday $

<06/10 Sun> Timing for reversal up is after 9:00 Tuesday or Wednesday opening. This 1250 is a major pivot/support. At this price/time pivot, there will be two scenarios: ... (skiped)...

This 125x/9:00 Tuesday is what we are paying attention to. Keep in mind, buying on Monday could be premature. As said before Monday close, stop 1268.75 for globex. Stop 1268.75, scalp short side, targt 1255. After target is hit, get ready to reverse to buy side. Oening update: It opened gap down at our target, dont buy yet, wait after 9:00AM. [Result: Market plunged to 1255 and opened gap down open at 1254, day low 1245, reversed after 9:00AM as expected.]

Attempt trade for 06/11/2001 Monday $

Stop 1279.75, selling bias, first target 1260, then 1266, then target 1256-53.

Two scenarios: (1) Choppy day and followed by a plunging Tuesday. (2) A plunging Monday and followed by a choppy Tuesday. Mid-day update: Better cover most of short and side line for close. [Result: 1277 day high, opened 1274, low 1259, close 1266]

Attempt trade for 06/08/2001 Friday $

At Globex, aggressive traders: Before Thursday 7:00PM PST only. 1287 stop, buying bias, target 1298-1299. After the open, 1287-88 pivot for intra-day, if broken, it will test 1282-3. Let see where it would open at and make buy/short plan.

<opening update> It opened below buy side stop. 1288.50 stop, for selling bias, if this level is intact and 1282 broken within first hour, today will be a down day. first target 1275 testing. Then 1265. [Result: Before Thursday 7:00PM Low 1289, high 1294.50 and reversed down 2 hours before the opening. Day low 1266.50, closed 1276.25]

Attempt trade for 06/07/2001 Thursday

<1:50PM> At Globex, 1276.50 stop for short side.

<11:00PM> If you shorted 5 mins before Wednesday close at 1274 and took profit already; side line now. If you did not take profit, breakeven stop now. Moving stop to 1278.75 now for new entry. Conservertive traders: Wait until open. 1278.50 violation = Dont short any more. Otherwise, 1278.50-1279 stop for selling bias, target 1262-1259, ... [Result: Day high 1277 (1279 got hit last 10 minutes, day low 1265.75, close 1276.75]

Attempt trade for 06/06/2001 Wednesday $

Expected trading range 1280~1290.50, or 1278~1290.50. Expected opening 1287~1288.50. If it does open at this area. Stop 1291, scalp short side for 1281 target before 8:00AM; then reverse to buy side with 1278 stop for 1290 testing. Topping or not, it depends on close. If it closed below 1285, SP/M will plunge to 125x on Thursday-Friday. On Wednesday, this 1291.25 is an important pivot. Wildcard: If NQ is strong and 1291.25 is violated, DON'T 
SHORT! Because 1291.25 violation = 1306 testing will be valid and we might go back to buy side again. 

Opening update: Opening is weaker than expected; if 1278 is violated, it will be for selling bias; expected close 1273.50. [Result: Open 1282.50, low 1269.50, high 1283.50, close 1273.50]

Attempt trade for 06/05/2001 Tuesday $

Stop 1262, buying bias, target 1274 Tuesday morning; target 1279~1286 before end of Wednesday (or Thursday morning). Wild card: 1286 as early as today.

If 1275 is intact for the first 30 mins, watch out for little reversal for 1363-4 target (for 1274-1264 trading range scenario; potential stop 1275.25) [Result: 1275 was violated first 30 mins, still buying bias for target 1286. Day low 1267, day high 1288.50 -- target!]

Attempt trade for 06/04/2001 Monday $

Stop 1256-1258, buying bias, target 1286 before end of Wednesday. [Globex low 1257, day session low 1258, high 1269.50, closed 1269.50]

Attempt trade for 06/01/2001 Friday $

At Globex, stop 1258.75 - 1259 (as Thursday morning stop), selling bias one more time**, for target 1246 testing (spike 1244.25)

Aggressive traders: Try not to wait until the opening, because of possible open gap down.

Update after job report: Market already plunged to 1247 before job report; too low to short more. Hold off new short order. Wait until open for new plan. Mid-day update: Stop 1254-55, buying bias, target 1261-2, 1266-9 for profit taking. [Result: Globex high 1257, low 1247, reversed day high 1267.50, close 1263.75]

Attempt trade for 05/31/2001 Thursday $

Including Globex, Stop 1259.50 , selling bias one more time, target 1246-44 testing before 9:00-10:00AM. Update at the opeen: Stop remains the same, selling bias, 1253 1/2 profit taking. After 9:00-10:00 market will reverse back up for bounce; expected close 1258.50. [open 1253, spike high 1258.25, day low 1249, closed 1257]

Attempt trade for 05/30/2001 Wedneday $

One more time, (day session only) still selling bias, stop 1274.25 (spike1275), target 1259-1260 before 8:30. Wild card target: 1249.00

Potential reversal up: Stop for buy side 1258.25, target 1276-7 target.

If this 1258.25 is broken, more selling into 9:30 Thursday; then another reversal potential for bounce into next Wednesday. [Result: Day high 1268, day low 1246.50, closed 1250]

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