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The 4th Year of Accuracy - Daily Market Direction Bulletin
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July 2001

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Attempt trade for 07/31/2001 Tuesday$

If there is no gap down open, try to trade buy side with 1205 stop, target 1225 before Wednesday noon. (Since market is so mixed on Monday, a little spike to 1201 is possible) [Result: Day low 1209, Market rallied to 1227.50]

Attempt trade for 07/30/2001 Monday$

DMD after the opening: Stop 1211, selling bias, target 1202. [Result: Bounced to 1210.25 from 1208 and plunged to 1204. Stop 1211 worked.]

Attempt trade for 07/27/2001 Friday $

Opening update: short side scalping first hour: stop yesterday's high, scalp selling bias, 1/2 target 1205, 2/2 target 1201. Then stop 1198-1200 stop, buying bias, 1/2 target 1208, 2/2 target 1219 (or 1200 breakeven stop)

Attempt trade for 07/26/2001 Thursday $

Opening DMD: Stop 1185, buying bias, target 1198-1204. [Result: Low 1186.50, high 1208.50, close 1206]

Attempt trade for 07/25/2001 Wednesday $

Opening DMD: Don't short today. Stop 1174-75, buying bias, target 1185-88. DMD update after first profit taking: 1177-78 will be tested again, 2nd trade, stop 1177, buying bias, target 1188-89; if 1191 broken, target 1198... [Result: Morning low 1176 high 1188.50; afternoon low 1177.25, high 1194.50]

Attempt trade for 07/24/2001 Tuesday $

If it opened gap up, try to scalp short side. A bounce to 1210 tesing is likely, but DON'T get obsessed with it; becasue Nasdaq cash (symbol: COMPX) is going to test 1960. We still do not have plan for position buy

Dow Jones: A chance plunging 200 points today from Monday 10427 close if 10370 is broken.

Opening Update: Stop 1195-96, still selling bias, target 1185-84, then 1180.

Attempt trade for 07/23/2001 Monday $

Opening update: stop 1211, selling bais, target 1206, if 1206 broken before 7:30 after 7:10 OR first hourly close is below 1206, then today is bearish and target 1193 will be valid before 7:30 AM tomorrow. [Result: Day high 1210.50, Low 1191, close 1192.50]

Attempt trade for 07/20/2001 Friday $

Opening Update: Change trading range to 1210-1222, expected close 1214-1217. Stop 1210... buy side. As long as 1210 holds and cosing is as expected or better, it will be bullish on monday-Tuesday for 124x target before 8:10 Tuesday morning. If there is no sign of bounce to above 1216 (conservatively 1222) on Monday morning his 118x target would be hit before 7:30 AM Tuesday. We still have no interntion to change bias to position buy. Summary: Buy low, sell high. JUST DON'T GET ANXIOUS TO SHORT AT LOW AND TO BUY AT HIGH. [Result: open 1213.50, low 1211.25, high 1221.25, closed at expected.]

Attempt trade for 07/19/2001 Thursday $

<7/18, 14:00> Stop 1213-14, selling bias target 1206 testing, if broken keep short for 1202 testing.
<7/18, 23:47> Globex 1207 has been tested and bounced to 1214.50. Side line for the time being. If 1217 is intact before the opening, short scalping is still valid before 7:30. If 1217 is violated, it will bounce to 1225. [Result: opened 1223, high 1231, afternoon plunged to 1210.50, closed 1222.50; Globex opened 1217.50]

Attempt trade for 07/18/2001 Wednesday $

Trading range 1222-1211 before 7:30AM. Sell high (stop 1222.50) target 1211; buy side stop 1210, target 1221. Very likey... gap open at 1211-12. If 1210 is broken, it will test 1206. Expected close 1206-1208 if 1211 is violated again after 10:30. Afternoon update: We won't change our selling bias as long as market closed below 1214. [Result: It opened gap down below 1211 and market plunged to 1202, closed 1212.]

Attempt trade for 07/17/2001 Tuesday $

Bias: Try to short before 7:00AM and reverse later.
Stop 1213.50, selling bias, target 1202.75. If this 1202.75 achieved before the AM opening, cover immidiately. Spike 1194-95 is valid if 1201 is violated.
From this 1194-94 area, cover short and try to reverse to buy side.

Expected buy side target: 20+ pts from low.

[Result: Morning high 1212.25, Day low 1201.50, day high 1221.50]

Attempt trade for 07/16/2001 Monday $

Trading range 1229-1216, if 1216 broken, target 1203-5.

Attempt trade for 07/13/2001 Friday $

Waiting for PPI  report. (Expected PPI -0.1%, Exc food energy +0.1%; expected retail sales 0.2%) If short side is feasible, the stop will be 1220 +/-1 pt, first target 1205.75, then 1200. Otherwise, Dow Jones would keep bouncing to 10500-10570 before a potential reversal.

Attempt trade for 07/12/2001 Thursday $

<07/11 1:48PM DMD> Stop 1176.75-1178 area, buying bias, target 1200-1205 testing. <07/12 Pre-opening update: Stop 1194.75, buying bias, target 1206, then 1216-1219. Dow Jones target 10500-10570. [Result: Open 1198, Low 1196, High 1219, Close 1214]

Attempt trade for 07/11/2001 Wednesday $

Stop at around 1191.75, selling bias, target 1175.75. (Possiblly before the opening.) Try not to risk more than 2 pts. If market did not open gap down, chasing short side will be riskier than reversing to buy side for a bounce. Dow Jones:IF 10170 support is holding, a bounce target is 10320: "or" 350-400 pts (to 10550 area "if" there is a surprise rate cut on Wednesday or Thursday this week.) After 8:00 update: This 1190 will be tested again before close. Afternoon Update: Stop 1190.25-1189.75, scalping short, 1/2 target 1185.75, 2/2 profit taking 1183 or lower; expected close 1183.50-1187.50. [ Result: morning hi 1192, day low 1174, then spiked to 1193 after our 8:00 update; afternoon high 1190, we made the short, low 1180; closed 1186.]

Attempt trade for 07/10/2001 Tuesday $

Expected trading range 1200-1208 before 8:30. Monday's afternoon stop 1208.25 still valid for 2 hours after the opening. Aggressive traders: stop 1208.25, scalp to 1201 area; then get ready to scalp buy side for 1210-1212. Conservative: Stop 1199, scalp buy side for 1209-1211 testing. Be careful, if market can not take out 1212.75 at around 8:30, it will be back down to test 1195-6. Afternoon update: stop 1202.50, selling bias, target 1189-1192 testing. [Result: 1212.75 intact, market plunged to 1186, closed 1186.50]

Attempt trade for 07/09/2001 Monday $

Our expected target 1186-1192 achieved at Sunday Globex (as of 11:30PM, low 1189.25). At 11:30PM Globex sp bounced 9 points from the low. If the opening is below 1202.50, try to "scalp" short side one more time and ready to reverse to buy side. Keep in mind, short selling is very risky now. Conservative traders: better wait to buy for reversal. For how long this bounce will last? Depends on this 1202.50 pivot/stop. If Monday's close is above it, 118x low should hold for a while.

Attempt trade for 07/06/2001 Friday $

Still selling bias in the morning. A reversal from 1206 is likely. Before 8:00 AM, stop 1223.75, selling bias, target 1212-1207. If 1207 broken.... target 1192-1185.
Attempt trade for 07/05/2001 Thursday $
On Wednesday, sp settled at 1240. Market plunged at Globex. As we said... even if sp had bounced to 125x on Monday-Tuesday, market would be bearish on Thursday-Friday; we had given 5 reasons in WarRoom. Market plunged at Globex. Looks like this is the long expected flush! If 1225 broken, next target 121x. Opening Update: Trading range, 1240-1227. Stop 1240 or 1243, selling bias, target 1227. Don't buy high, don't sell low. [Open 1234, High 1240, low 1222, close 1223]
Attempt trade for 07/04/2001 Wednesday
Independence Day. Market Closed. SP last 1240.
Attempt trade for 07/03/2001 Tuesday
Stop 1238, buy side, target 125x. Rsik 1 pt only. If 1238 is violated, target wont be achieved today and expected close 1238-1240. [Result: Market closed at 10:15 AM PST due to Independence Day tomorrow. March was choppy and nothing happened significantly]
Attempt trade for 07/02/2001 Monday
Important pivot/stop 1237-38 for selling bias, target 1226, then 1217. If 1217 achieved, next target 1185-1192 before Tesday noon. Opening Update: If 1237-38 is violated within first hour, reversel to buy side target 1256-59 before 8:00 AM Tuesday. [Result: Open 1234.25, Low 1231, High 1348.25, close 1246]
Attempt trade for 06/29/2001 Friday $
<After the open> If this 1226 is holding for 30-60 mins after he opening, then stop 1225, buy side again, if 1234.50 is violated before 7:30, Thursday's high 134x will be tested again. If this 1225 is broken before 7:30 after he opening; side line for the time being. Expected close 1237-40. [Result: day hit 1245, day low 1225.50, close 1237.50]



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