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September 2001

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Attempt trade for 09/28/2001 Friday <$>

sp01z 1000 held 3 days in a row, market turned up again with strong up side bias. 1039-1045 reinstated and is valid before end of next Monday. Friday-Sunday, buy dips!! We might not see 1000 or 1010 again in next week. No matter what, 1000 can not be violated by 1 tick from now on. GDP report will be released at 5:30 AM PST. A weaker than expected GDP may trigger a profit taking sell off to target 1017, 1013. If Globex high remained intact after mid-night, it would act as stop for short side scalping. [Result: Market opened gap up and spiked up to 1045 and closed at 1045.]

Attempt trade for 09/27/2001 Thursday <$>

Stop 1015.25-1016, scalp short side (selling bias), 1/2 target 1010-12. (risk 1 pt only). If open gap down, reversal back up is likely before 9:00AM. If 1017 broken, more up side.

10:00AM Update: Next reversal time is 10:50, stop 1000-1000.50 for buy side, target 1010 testing, if broken, it will test 1015 day high and 1020-1025 before tomorrow first hour. [Result: opened 1013, morning high 1015, low 1000, reversed back up from 10:42 AM, afternoon high 1023, closed 1022.50]

Attempt trade for 09/26/2001 Wednesday <$>

Bullish Scenario:

Stop 1010, buying bias (including Globex), risk 1~1.5 points.target 1039-1045, but yesterday's hi 1021.50 needs to be taken out before 7:30 first.

Pull Back for testing 1009, 1000 scenario:

If yesterday's high 1021.50 is intact for more than 1 hour, it should test 1009-7, then 1002 before more bounce. If you had shorted 1/2 5 mins before the close (in stocks room), take profit at 1010-1012.

Opening Update: Stop 1025, selling bias, 1/2 profit taking at 1021-2, 2/2 profit taking at 1015-7 or use trailing stop, 1012 violation indicates 1007, 1003 testing. Expected close 1010~1011.50. [Result: Opened 1024, high 1024.25, low 1004.50, closed 1014]

Attempt trade for 09/25/2001 Tuesday !

Market opened gap up without testing 966. No regret. Let's move on!
Bullish scenario: 1000 support now for more up side move. Stop 1000-1001.
Bearish Scenario: This 1000 testing is valid before 7:00AM. Stop 1013.50-1014, scalping short side, target1001-2. If 1000 broken, target 990. If 1013.50 is intact for 1.5 - 2 hours after the day session opening. Watch out.
<00:30 AM> sp just broke 1000, it is bearish now and it will fill Monday's gap 972. Stop 1007.75-1008 now, target 970-972. [Result: Market tested 1000 and broken at Globex but bounced; 1000 tested again day session, intact and closed at 1018.50]

Attempt trade for 09/24/2001 Monday

Trading range 982-962
Market will try to test 981which could be a little swing top for swing low 960-2.

Globex 982.75 stop for short scalping (risking 1 point), target 966, 962 testing before 7:30. Then get ready to reverse to buy side scalping for 993-5 target. SP01z 1000 will be broken either Wednesday or Thursday.

After 8:30 Update: 1000-1 stop scalp buy side for 1013 target. after target 1013 then stop 1014 for scalping target 1005-6 close. [Result: market broke 982.75 at globex and globex high 1005, opened gap up at 994-5, low 993, high 1012.50, closed 1007.]

Attempt trade for 09/21/2001 Friday <$>

Thursday 4:00PM update: Globex trading range 981-991
Bearish scenario:
Stop 992, selling bias, target 972, 950 ..most likely gap down open again. (Keep in mind, this shorting is much riskier than last night's globex short.)

If 992-991 is violated market will swing up to 1011 again. [Result: Globex high 991.50 (our stop 992), market plunged to 943-947 (our target mentioned before Thursday close.]

Opening Trade: Cover the short and buy some stocks and let it bounce to fill the gap, then stop 992-1 again selling bias at 990, target 967; expected close 967-973. [Result: Market bounced to 990.50, we took profit on stocks and we shorted again at 990. covered 1/2 at 985 and covered 2/2 at 970; closed at 973]

Attempt trade for 09/20/2001 Thursday <$>

If Wednesday's high is instact at Globex, market will test 1009, 1003...
As said before Wednesday close: At Globex use 1023 as stop risk 1-2 points for shorting; market could open gap down. If you shorted from 1020-22 area, take 1/2 profit at 1012-1009 at Globex and 2/2 stop at 1017.50
If it should open below 1210. If it did open below or at 1210 then cover short and ready to short again with 1017.50 stop for 1007 target and 1200 testing again. Afternoon Update: Stop 1007 pivot, if broken down short again for 988 target. [Result: Globex high 1022, opened at 1000.50, day session high 1009, spike low 977.50, closed 984.50]

Attempt trade for 09/19/2001 Wednesday <$>

We are expecting a bearish week.
If Tuesday's high is intact at mid-day, market will be bearish again.
If this 1040 holds into opening, yesterday's high will be tested.
If 1040 is broken after midnight, it will test yesterday's low.
As of 00:28 AM sp is at 1044.50, shorting is tempting, but 1050 testing is valid. Aggressive trade: Can only risk 0.50-1 pt trying 1047.25 stop; otherwise (conservertive traders) wait for opening. Next target for Dow Jones 8550-8500 is still valid. Opening update: Stop 1043.75, selling bias, target 1019; if 1017 broken, target 1000.50 before tomorrow noon. [Result: Opened at 1040, bounced to 1043.50 (our stop 1043.75), then plunged all the way down to 1019....]

Attempt trade for 09/18/2001 Tuesday <$>

War situation still makes market uncertain.
Short side: Pay attention to pivot/stop 1049 (sp01z) for 15-20 pts scalping. Aggressive trade: Including Globex, stop 1049, selling bias, risk 1 point.
Buy side: If this 1049 is violated, try to buy pull back for unfinished bunce. [Result: Globex high 1049.50, low 1032.50, 17 points range achieved; day session high 1052.50, low 1032.50, closed 1039]

Attempt trade for 09/17/2001 Monday <$>

Watch out for 5% limit down (60 points to SP01Z 1041~1045) within 30 minutes after the opening.
Scenario #1: Open gap down and plunge to 104x.
Scenario #2: Open gap down and bounce 20 pts then plunge.
Scenario #3: Open flat (or open gap up) and bounce 20 pts first hour and followed by a plunge of 60-80 points. For all scenarios, watch out for mid-day reversal up. Wildcard: SP to plunge 100 points before end of Wednesday. Surprise rate cut also could happen before end of Wednesday if there is one. [Result: Market opened gap down at limit down 60 points area.]

Attempt trade for 09/14/2001 Friday

(Stocks Market To Reopen Monday Morning.)

Attempt trade for 09/13/2001 Thursday

(Equity market remained closed.)

Attempt trade for 09/12/2001 Wednesday

(Equity market remained closed.)

Attempt trade for 09/11/2001 Tuesday (NewYork World Trade Centers were attacked by hijacked airplanes.)

As commented before Monday close: Trading range before the opening is 1087-1097, buy low sell high. Stop 1086.50-87.50, buying bias, target 1100-2 before 8:00AM and 1117-8 if 1102 is broken before close. If market is too far away from buy side stop, stay side line for globex. Don't buy at high. If it opened gap down above buy side stop, try to scalp buy side.
For short side: This 1090 target testing at globex is valid for scalping, but there are 2 stop levels-- either 1099.75 or 1104--your judgement before the opening. Aggressive trade: Can try 1099.75 stop risking 1 point only at Globex.
If 1086 broken, this 1070-3 testing will be valid. [Result: Globex high 1103, Low 1068. Day session was closed due to WTC attacks.]

Attempt trade for 09/10/2001 Monday<$>

A potential black Monday (for 1070-75 testeing the first hour after the opening)..., but 1100~1110 testing is valid in this week and monday is the possible reversal (up) day. Aggressive Trade: including globex 1089.75, scalp short, target 1177.

Attempt trade for 09/07/2001 Friday<$>

Trading range for globex and day session: 1110~1094. Sell high, buy low. DONT TRY TO GET EMOTIONAL SELLING LOW AND BUYING HIGH.

Aggressive trade: Including Globex, Stop 1110-1110.50, selling bias, scalp short side, for target 1094 which could be hit at before 7:30AM. (1/2 profit taking area 1103) After target gets hit, cover the short and get ready to reverse to buy side for 1111 testing.

Opening Update: Stop 1109.25~1108.75, short again, target 1095; if 1194 broken, targer 1088 testing and 1085. [Globex high 1109, Globex low 1088.50, Opened 1095, bounced to 1108.50, reversed back down and closed 1083.50]

Attempt trade for 09/06/2001 Thursday<$>

Unemployment report is due one Friday. We don't expect any significant move the day before. Trading range before 7:00 AM (including Globex) 1130-1140; before 7:30 AM, 1130 - 1143. If this 1143 is intact 2 hours after the opening. it will pull back for 1125-30 testing. Aggressive trade: At globex 1140 stop, scalp short side, for 1132-30 target testing. Can only risk 1 point. Opening Update: Stop 1120, scalp buy sdie, target 1128; after 1128, stop 1129.25, reverse to short side scalp, for target 1117 target testing. Afternoon Update: Many people thought it would repeat yesterday's late day spike up; we don't think so, we think market will run stops down side; expected close 1109-1110. [Globex high 1137, Globex low 1123, Opened 1123, plunged to 1120.50, bounced to 1128 after opening, reversed back down to 1117, 1115, 1106.75, closed 1103.50]

Attempt trade for 09/05/2001 Wednesday<$>

Trading hour before 8:00 AM, 1136~1126.
Sell high, buy low.
For short side scalping: stop 1137.25, target 1127.

If this 1126 holds for 1-2 hours after the opening, it will test 1140-41. If not, it will plunge to 1117. [Globex high 1136, Globex low 1127, Open 1131, plunged to 1115, bounced to 1138, closed 1133]

Attempt trade for 09/04/2001 Tuesday<$>

If the opening is above 1135, good sign.
A gap up opening may be followed by a only little sell off, BUT, don't try to short.
Stop 1130-32, buying bias, target 1145, 1155, wild card target 1158.
If this 1130-32 is violated, don't worry, side line for a minute and wait for another buy chance shortly. [Open 1136, plunged to 1130.50, rallid to 1159, after 11:00 plunged to 1130.50 close.]

Attempt trade for 08/31/2001 Friday<$>

DMD at the open: Stop 1127, buying bias, risk one point only, target 1140-1141; expected close 1133-37. [Result: Morning low 1127.25, high 1144.50, close 1135]

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