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December 2001

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Attempt trade for 01/02/2001 Wednesday <$>

DMD at open: Stop 1151, selling bias, target 1136-38.

[Result: opened 49.50 and plunged to 1136.75 and reversed.]

Attempt trade for 12/31/2001 Monday <$>

No sign of reversal yet. Support 1158-1157, potential target 1169-75 is still valid before year end close. Aggressive trade: Try to scalp short with 1173 resistance; unless 1157 is broken on hourly close (xx:30) basis, there will be no sign of potential reversal down.

Morning Update: Resistance 1164, dont try to buy. NVDA ... stay with short side with 1 pt risk. Short side target 1144-45 testing.

Watch out for new year (Jan 2) profit taking sell off.

Attempt trade for 12/28/2001 Friday <$>

Follow through Thursday rally, 2/2 trailing stop 1151.50, target 1170-75 is still valid. Preliminary: Stop 1155.50, target 1169-74 if durable goods report is good.

[Result: Open 1162, High 1166.50, Low 1158.50, Close 1159.50]

Attempt trade for 12/27/2001 Thursday <$>

Support/stop 1150, still buying bias (before yearend only), target 1163-65. This 1170-75 is till valid if Wednesday high 1161 is violated.

[Result: Open 1151.50, low 1150.25, high 1159.50, close 1159]

Attempt trade for 12/26/2001 Wednesday <$>

1140 stop for buy side, target testing 1153.50, if broken, target 1170-75 testing in this week.

[Result: High 1161, low 1143.25, close 1152.75]

Attempt trade for 12/24/2001 Monday <$>

Trading range 1152-1142

Attempt trade for 12/21/2001 Friday <$>

08:40 Update - Trade for the rest of the day:

(1) if it test 1142-41.. use 40 as stop for 1148-49 target.

(2) if it tested 1152-53.. try to sscalp short.. with 1153.5-54 as stop for target 1142-44.

If (#1) worked then trade (#2) also. Just don't buy at high !!! Range 1150~1140; if closed at high, gap down open possible; if closed at low , gap up possible. No matter what, just dont buy at high!!!!

[Result: It test 1141.25, reversed back up...

Attempt trade for 12/20/2001 Thursday <$>

If Wednesday high 1154.25 is intact (including Globex), Stop 1153.50-1154.50, try to scalp short side, target 1146~45. Reverse to buy side or not? Let's see. Opening update: Same stop 1153.50, selling bias, target 1145, 1/2 profit taking at 1148, use trailing stop for 2/2 position.

[Result: High 1153.25, low 1141.25, close 1141.75]

Attempt trade for 12/19/2001 Wednesday <$/!>

Day for pull back, target 1135-6 testing, if broken then 1133-31, if broken then 1128. As long as 1125-27 holds, this leg up from last friday low is not over.

[Result: Short side worked, opened gap down at 1136, low 1135.50, bounced to 1154.25, close 1153]

Attempt trade for 12/18/2001 Tuesday <$>

As long as 1125 holds into Wednesday, more up side after a brief pull back. Intra-day support (stop 1130-31, spike 1129), buy side, target 1145 testing, then 1149-51. After this bounce there will be a 15 points pull back. Globex trading range 1139-1133. Scalp short and buy low.

[Result: Globex high 1129.25, down to 1124.25, back up to 1139.25, close 1138]

Attempt trade for 12/17/2001 Monday <$>

Stop 1128.75, try to scalp to 1120-1119. If 1119 holds, try to reverse to buy side for target 1138. [Result: Open 1125, low 1121.5, hi 1139.25, close 1127]

Attempt trade for 12/14/2001 Friday <$>

Watch out for another 20 points down. Stop after midnight 1123.50, selling bias, target 1102-1100. If 1123.50 broken after mid-night, stay side line.

Since the expected close is 1118-1120, this 1100-1102 target should be a spike.

Opening update: If market does not spike down within 90 minutes after the opening it will reverse to up side.

Attempt trade for 12/13/2001 Thursday <$> Contract roll over to ES02H

Stop 1138.50 including Globex, selling bias, scalp to 1130-28. If opened gap down and 1128 broken, it would go lower. Mid-day update: Resistance 1132.75, testing morning low again.

[Result: Globex high 1138.50, plunged to 1133.50, then bounced to 1136.75, opened 1129, plunged to 1120 bounced to 1132.50, plunged to 1117.50 close.]

Attempt trade for 12/12/2001 Wednesday <$>

Major support 1128 area. 1147 testing is possible before 7:00AM (Possible gap up open). Try not to short before midnight. Must see spike up first. Resistance 1147.50-1148, try to scalp short side one more time before 7:30 AM.

Opening Update: Stop 1143.5, selling bais target 1128-1130. Morning 09:45AM Update - Aggressive stop 1125.50, buying bias, target 1137-1141 close.

[Result: Opened 1137, high 1142.5, plunged to 1125.50, bounced to 1138 close]

Attempt trade for 12/11/2001 Tuesday <$>

FOMC rate cut will get sp to test 1153-54.
Aggressive trade (including globex): Stop 1145.50 area, scalp short to 1137 testing, if broken, followed by 1132 before a bounce for FOMC.

If this 1137 holds, trade into 1153-54. If market closed at day high, watch out for sell off on Thursday with potential gap down open.

[Result: Globex high 1155.50, plunged to 1149.50, opened at 1153.50, rallied to 1152 after FOMC 0.25 rate cut, then plunged to 1132.50 closed 1136.50]

Attempt trade for 12/10/2001 Monday <$>

Market should test 1154-52 (spike 1148)area one more time befire 7:30AM and reverse back up for FOMC meeting. Shorting is risky. Aggressive shorting must be quick in and quick out. As said before last Friday close, stop for one more aggressive short is 1163-64 for 1154-52 testing.

[Result: Globex high 1162.75, opened 1153, low 1148.50, closed 1149.50]

Attempt trade for 12/07/2001 Friday <$>

Stop 1170.75, selling (scalp) bias, target 1156-55, before 8:40 AM. Then try to reverse to buy side.

[Result: Globex hi 1170.50, day low 1152.50, closed 1160.50]

Attempt trade for 12/06/2001 Thursday <$>

A 15 points pull back from Wednesday is possible before unemployment report. Wednesday's 1148~1152 gap should be intact before weekend. Don't expect a abrupt big pull back. Support/stop for buy side is 1158-60.
9:10 AM PSTupdate: support 1162-3 support, it will test 1174 at around 11:00AM
9:45 AM - Stop 1175, selling bias, target 1165.50 before 11:00 [Market plunged from 1174.25 to 1165 from 10:00 to 11:00]

Attempt trade for 12/05/2001 Wednesday <$>

Correction is over. Up trend is intact. Dow is heading to 10200, nasdaq 2050, SP 1200-1220. Have you noticed that many analysts are questioning themself now! We keep saying not to call the top ... because we has not seen one.

Support 1137-1142, next resistance 1153, followed by 1165, 1180-85. Either a choppy day (1142-1152) or the 2nd up day (1142-1165). Don't try to guess the high. Wildcard: Target 1180-1185 before profit taking triggered.

Morning Update: 1153 violation = more buying bias for target 1169.50 - 1175. Mid-day update: Stop 1170, scalp to 1163-1160; then stop 1159, back to buy side again.

[Result: opened 1152 rallied to 1169.75 and pulled back to 1162.75 mid-day and back up to 1175.25, closed 1169]

Attempt trade for 12/04/2001 Tuesday <$/!>

No matter how many analysts, articles, recommendation, and news letters are calling topping and reversal down, we know what they are doing. As long as it is too obvious, market won't do it. Just trade step by step.

After midnight, if market spiked up to 1133.50-34 area, try to scalp short side with 1135.25 stop, target 1126-7 testing. If this worked, try to short again after the opening. If 1125 broken, then target 1115~1110 before reversal up for 15-20 points bounce.

Morning Update: Support 1127-30, resistance 1138.50. If 1138.50 broken it means 1125 should be the new bottom.

[Result: Morning high 1135.25, low 1127 ( 1/2 profit taken and 2/2 stopped out by 1 point; 1138.5 broken afternoon and closed at 1147-- a 20 points bounce.]

Attempt trade for 12/03/2001 Monday <$>

Including Globex, stop 1141.75, selling bias, target 1126 testing. Stop will be moved lower if the opening is below 35. Opening updated: Stop 1133.75, selling bias, target 1125-26.

[Result: Globex hi 1138.50, pened 1133, low 1125.25, high 1135.5, close 1128.75]

Attempt trade for 11/29/2001 Thursday <$>

Looks like that most of cycle, elliott, fibonaccii analysts could be wrong again ! They are still waiting for big down trend. The more people calling the top the less likely market would listen to them. Keep in mind higher high = profit taking and reverse to short for this low 1125 testing before next Wednesday.

Attempt trade for 11/25/2001 Sunday <$>

Up trend is not quite over. Violation of 1100 will be less and less likely before the end of year 2001. Before end of year 2001, the trading range should be 100 points, eihter 1120-1220 or 1100-1200. So there should be one more testing of 1120 area. Don't try to guess the top even though a lot of analysts are trying to call a top. The more people calling the top the less likely market would listen to them.

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